Have a Lush, Healthy Garden Right in Your Home

Have a Lush, Healthy Garden Right in Your Home

Indoor Gardening systems in Loveland, CO

Never worry about your area’s climate and grow delicious food indoors year-round with an indoor gardening system from WarHammer Supply. We opened in 2009 and have since blossomed into a trusted name for top-notch hydroponic gardening supplies in Loveland.
Our experienced staff will help you choose the right indoor garden equipment for your needs. WarHammer Supply carries:

  • Air purification supplies
  • Books/DVDS
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Environmental controllers
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Growing accessories
  • Leaf washes
  • Lamps
  • Hand tools
  • Herbs and Flowers
  • Nutrients

We also carry disease and pest control products, as well as safety equipment. Peruse our aisles of indoor gardening supplies today.

Need help picking out the right equipment?

Visit WarHammer Supply in Loveland, CO. We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re just entering the indoor gardening world or you’re a seasoned grower, you won’t regret checking out WarHammer Supply. Our experienced staff will help you determine the right equipment for your needs. In addition to hydroponic supplies, we carry beer brewing and winemaking ingredients and equipment.

Come to WarHammer Supply in Loveland as soon as possible.